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"A Supercritical Fluid is a substance under pressure above its critical temperature. Under these conditions the distinction between gases and liquids does not apply and the substance can only be described as fluid. The fluid has the solvent properties of a liquid and transport properties of a gas"



Carbon Dioxide. Research. Develop. Apply.

Superheated Water


Superheated water saves processing energy because it enables high efficiency recycling and optimal use of process heat. This makes it an excellent tool for increasing process efficiency and energy recovery. It can be used as a selective, tunable solvent.


e.g. At 210°C superheated water has the polarity of Methanol and as such can add value by increasing the capabilities of any given process.

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide


Carbon Dioxide is available as a convenient supercritical fluid substance, which offers environmental advantages as it can replace organic solvents, reducing pollution and avoiding solvent residues in products. The Carbon Dioxide used is a by-product of other processes and does not add to global warming

Superheated Alcohols


Superheated alcohols offer a processing profile which compliments superheated water and supercritical CO2, offering new environmentally beneficial alternatives for many types of extraction and seperation. Recently we have developed a wide range of applications for superheated alcohols, particularly relating to polyphenol and other antioxidant materials

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PJH focuses on applying our supercritical fluid technology into areas of commercial opportunity which may include:


  • Extraction

  • Seperation

  • Impregnation

  • Surface alteration

  • Fractionation

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